Cherry Blossom PhotoStamps

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Note: Maximum allowed quantity is 249 sheets.
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On lovely late-spring evenings, families across the world go out to nature to enjoy the ethereal beauty of cherry blossoms. Celebrate the beauty of the season with our colorful, charming and elegant Spring PhotoStamps! These labels, each featuring the image of a stand of cherry trees in full bloom, will add a touch of class to any card or letter.

Our postage stamps, valid for all domestic First Class postcards, letters and flats, are professionally printed with the highest quality. All denominations from postcard rate up to 6 ounces are available to serve any postage need.

  • Valid for domestic First-Class Mail postcards, letters or flats
  • Professionally printed ready-to-use color stamps
  • Stylish seasonal design, perfect for letters, card and flats
  • Permanent self-adhesive labels with USPS watermarking and security features
  • 20 stamps per sheet

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