Is this Real Postage?

Yes, PhotoStamps from are valid U.S. Postage, based on a technology called PC Postage, which is what creates the bar code you see to the right of the image area on PhotoStamps. Only vendors that are licensed and approved to produce PC Postage may display the logo seen below:, the company behind PhotoStamps, has been a USPS-approved provider of PC postage since 1999, and is the industry leader. When the product first launched in 2004, PhotoStamps by was the first customized postage product ever to be offered in the United States. On May 11, 2006, was authorized by the USPS to print business logos, messages and images on PhotoStamps.

Be careful of imitators

Always look for a USPS logo or look for the PhotoStamps® (single word) brand before you purchase any customized postage product anywhere on the Internet. When you see a logo like the one above or you see the PhotoStamps trademark, you can be assured that the U.S. Postal Service will accept your mail and process it without delay. Be careful because there are many imitations out there that are nothing more than photo stickers! PhotoStamps from is the original customized postage product and is always genuine U.S. Postage.